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Busy Busy

I have been very very busy lately to say the least.  School is nearing its end, I have six weeks left, and therefore I am busy making arrangements for my internship.  At the same time I have two other jobs to occupy my time.  One of these jobs maybe ending at the beginning of July and I hope to get back on a more regular schedule of posting.

School is going well and this week is our last week of pastry and baking.  In addition to all that I have posted previously we have made croissants, ice cream, sorbet, layered cakes, chocolate ganache, chocolate truffles, tuiles, meringues, creme anglaise, custard, panna cotta, and much more!  The conclusion has been reached that most every bakery dessert is either very high in fat, very high in sugar, or both.  No healthy insight to be given.  If you are on a diet and cannot have just one bite – stay away!

Please check back in July and hopefully I will be able to relay some of my favorite summertime recipes (like burgers, wraps, and salads).


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Recently, in pastry and baking, we have been making truffles, chocolate ganache, petit fours, madelines, macaroons, biscotti, caramels, butternut crunch, and much more!  Nothing healthy and all very indulgent.  I think I have been on a sugar high for the past 2 weeks.  The highest fat items we made were certainly the chocolate truffles and ganache.  The lowest fat foods we prepared were biscotti and macaroons.  However, they can both have a considerable amount of sugar.

I am looking forward to cooking real, hearty, and nourishing food again in class.  Fortunately my other job as a recipe tester for a culinary dietitian meets part of that need.  She is writing a cookbook and have been hired to help her test and evaluate all the recipes.  It should be good – the recipes are delicious.  The release date is set for March 2009, and I will let everyone know when that comes out.

Today I leave for a mini vacation in Bermuda.  We are dining out and I am hoping to write a post about the experience this weekend.  Considering it is a British territory I don’t know quite what to expect.  We shall see…

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